Our Final Challenge Slices…

As I post your final slices for the Slice of Life Classroom Challenge,
I must say how proud I am of every one of you.
You have all grown as writers, thinkers, and
observers of the  world around you.
Keep doing what you are doing…
the magic is always there, inside of you. 

~Mrs. Abbey

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Today is the last day of the Slice of Life Challenge!!! During the challenge, I learned to put more details in my writing. Now I really like writing a lot more than at the beginning of the challenge. Many people in my class really liked it and we all want to continue this challenge. The Slice of Life Challenge was so fun!!!-VC   

It’s hard to believe that the Slice of Life Challenge is over.  The class has written a month’s worth of slices.

Words seem to have become a permanent part of our lives.  We’ll always try to use them the way they were meant to be used.  Precious gifts that can change the world.

Writing is an art, a way of expressing ourselves without using color, but creating it for the reader instead.

Looking at things in a different light can change so much, and it has.
Because of this challenge, the class has learned how to do the extraordinary.

               Catch words.   

Words are everywhere, swirling like snowflakes, blanketing the ground with thick stories and songs and poems.  They were always there, but we could not see them.  

We piece the flakes together, and write.  Endless fields of whatever.  Dancing with our mind, body, and soul refreshed, our new set of eyes observant, opening up everything with a pen, pencil, our voice, an instrument, or technology.  Emotions swim into it all, and finish the masterpiece.  A true work of art.  The magic found in writing.  SP

Participating in the Slice of Life challenge has helped me to grow into a better writer.  It has helped me build stamina to write more and have more fun with it.  I now know how to elaborate and add more detail in my pieces and dig deeper.  I also learned how to think more deeply about the things that matter to me.  I put creativity in my writing and make each word have a meaning.  Now that I have 31 slices, I can read them to remember the days in March and how my future self will know how I developed as a writer.  I know that I don’t regret doing this challenge and I hope to do something like this again.  SL

Last week was so rainy and the one day we had a nice day but of course we had band, it happens all the time when we have a nice day we have band. It’s not just me who doesn’t like that it’s everybody in band, but I cant do anything about it.  AD

It’s spring, but its a bit cold all the other years spring was so warm. I mean the weather isn’t that bad, but just a tiny bit warmer.   EG

Time passes really fast from a little baby girl from who I am now…I cant believe it. From a little girl who cried every single time because her parents left her at school and didn’t stay with her that every time she had to write something she wrote one sentence. All I can think about now is that next year will be more challenging because we have to go to different classes on time and instead of us having our backpacks in our class we are going to have LOCKERS!    PFP

Writing is a lot more then putting pretty words on a page. I learned that by doing the Slice of Life Challenge. Writing is about sharing a part of yourself with others. Writing is like the painting of the voice inside you that needs to come out. I’ve learnt to be more observant of the world around me. Writers look at things differently. Every motion. Every word. Pretty much everything is looked upon as a piece of writing. Some people write just to relive the moment twice. They want to feel the happiness, the fear, and the sadness. Writing is all about putting the reader in your experience. It’s not about saying it rained, it’s about making the reader feel the rain falling down on them. I like writing because I love reading and because I get to write down everything I’m afraid to say out loud. For me writing is the doorway for all the emotions inside of me to come out. The most important thing about writing is that no matter what you write it will always have a bit of magic that leaves the reader amazed when they put it down.  AP

Wow! today is the last day to express our feelings to other people ,it was a journey a real journey.People commenting on ours slices is amazing. iI going to miss this, but I need a break. This is going to be a good bye, for now.   AMB

Thursday’s Slices…

In school, we are planning a day for a Slice of Life party! I wonder what we are going to do. I think we are going to have some treats. I am really excited as I love parties. I hope this party will be fun!-VC

Time is precious.  It is not to be wasted.  It has a wonderful way of showing us what matters. We can’t control time.  It is what we want most, but use worst.  It heals people.  You cannot have more of it.  Waste it wisely, and there is nothing to regret.  It isn’t measured by clocks, but moments.  Time is ticking, clocks are moving, and every second is a chance to turn it all around.   SL

Today I am out sick.  Right about now, we should be having math.  Even though I am missing some things in school, I can rest at home until my body is ready to go back tomorrow.  

I see a small bird with a black head, white underbelly, and brownish feathers.   It is trying to hide between the bare branches of the tree above our deck.  Soon, the tree will grow enough leaves to hide the bird.  I think it is some type of finch.  

Now a blue jay is here.  The finch has flown away in a panic.  

I’m glaring at the plump blue jay, mad at it for scaring away the innocent finch.  But it needed the young finch to survive.  Every living thing depends on another to survive.  It’s just the way of the world.  That saying appears in myths, but it is true.

So we can say unicorns exist! (Because they do)   SP

It’s spring, but its a bit cold all the other years spring was so warm. I mean the weather isn’t that bad but just a tiny bit warmer.  EG

As I got home from school I ate and then I took my phone and I laid on my bed and I watched some videos then my brother came in the room and said that he was going to take his shower and if I could watch my sisters and I said wheres our mom? and he said that she went somewhere and that she was coming later. As I got to the living room my mom calls me and says that she is almost coming home and she said she was going to bring McDonald’s 🙂 my sister and I got SOO happy then she hung up and now I’m just writing my slice now i’m just waiting for her!! I’m sorry this wasn’t a long slice but. STAY TUNED FOR TOMORROW’S SLICE! PFP

There was a mouse in my house hiding under a sock. My brother and I were not allowed to go downstairs. My mom and brother were freaking out. My dad killed it and threw it outside. AR

Middle school, middle school, middle school I have to get prepared, learning and learning until I get scared.  AMB

Cats rule Happy A Rocker Lili Evil Night Owl Evil  JL

Midweek Slices…Memories, Advice and Celebrations!

My mom and I would bake together.  We would bake cupcakes, bread, cakes and cake pops. She would pour in the ingredients and I would mix them.  When I was done mixing I would always wait for my mom to turn around so I could lick the spatula.  The hardest part was waiting for the oven’s timer and the ding!   When she took them out of the oven, I could smell the sweetness.  I always wanted to spread the frosting on.  I always got some on my fingers.  Everything we baked was delicious.  When you put the treat in your mouth, you wanted to savor it forever.    SL

When I got home my grandparents were waiting I was sooooooo exited because they wouldn’t be going home the next week they would be staying because they moved 8 minutes away! AD

The amazing thing about life is that you can chose what you want to do. So we aren’t puppets on a string being controlled by anyone. We can control what we do, what we say and how we react to what life throws our way. The only way we can do that is if we follow our dreams. When people spend every day dreaming about what they want they’re life to be like in the future or what they wish they could have redone. When we actually work toward those dreams those future plans, only then will our lives be fulfilled. For most people dreams are what motivate them to pursue they’re passion. We need to hold on to dreams because soon they’ll fly away and leave us stranded with nothing to guide us to our future that could’ve been packed with happiness.    AP

FINALLY my house is all ready from the outside the workers are almost going to work in the inside of the house. The house is like a light gray with white on the bottom. In the inside of the house my mom wants fix the floors and she wants to paint my room my sister and I are sharing rooms so my sister picked purple and I picked pink.For the bed my sister is having a mini bed and I will have a bed that has cabinets under it and I’m really happy. STAY TUNED FOR TOMORROW’S SLICE!   PFP

Last week, in music we got a new song called Alpha Squadron. I play the trumpet and our part is really easy and cool sounding. Trumpets get the best part. Whenever I practice the songs on my trumpet, I always play Alpha Squadron first. Alpha Squadron is the best music ever! It is better than jazz band music which is more advanced!!!-VC

Today my brother Aiden stayed home sick and now he will need to stay home. And maybe tomorrow he will stay home again which makes even more work to catch up on. He seems fine to me.   AR

Today was yearbook club, we do it every Wednesday after school. Sometimes we do different but not all the time. Basically we are assigned to do a page but we get to pick. One time we got to hang up “get yearbook” posters around the school which was really fun.  AMB

I get inspired by everything.  Even a scribble on a piece of paper can get my wheels turning.  I really don’t know why.  I want to use that to change the world someday.  Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.  But I know that I will use that to accomplish something that at least I’m proud of.  Many  people will try to put me down, but I’ll use that creativity to overcome them.   SP


Our Tuesday Slices :)

My pet Snowball was a hamster.  She was named Snowball because she is white and round like a snowball.  She had beady eyes and a pink, little nose that would twitch now and then.  She loved sunflower seeds.  It was the only thing she would eat.  I remember one time where I put her on the floor with cardboard walls around her.  I never knew that there was an opening.  She crawled to the opening about to run, but I stopped her by placing my hand in front of her.  I still remember how she would hide under the small log in her cage, and how she would crawl through the tunnel and into the space above the cage  From there, she was able to see the whole living room.  I miss her.  I want to hold her in my hands, but I can’t.  She’s gone. SL

Today I went to literacy night. I had a lot of fun there!!! I told other students about what found poetry is and how to create it. Then I went to the gym to see the wax figures. The kids dressed up as famous people. I did the same thing when I was in 4th grade. After that I went to the art room and made a really cool windmill. It was so much fun! I wish I could do this every year.-VC

The world is constantly changing.  Some changes are bigger than others.
But some things are huge, and no one takes notice.
A homeless person begs on the streets.
Yeah, people donate to those charities, but who knows how many people they get to?
A mother strolls by with her toddler, who has no idea why some people live on the streets.
He tries to walk over to the person, but his mother drags him away.
But what if the mom let her child go over, using his limited vocabulary to help.
Maybe that made a big difference in the homeless person’s life.
But the mom simply walked away.

Well I know slice of life is almost over looking back to all my slices they are so good. EG

I cant believe it we are almost done with the SLICE OF LIFE CHALLENGE It’s like days past quick, I really enjoyed writing about my life and letting people that I don’t know, know about me. I thought that being in the slice of life challenge was going to be BORING, but I was wrong it was so much fun. But the good news is that Mrs. Abbey said that we can still do MORE AND MORE slice’s I asked her and all she said was “oh yes but you will see” as she was saying that, she was smiling as she said I’ll see. WELL I have to go. STAY TUNED FOR TOMORROW’S SLICE. PFP

My favorite color is purple…why you may ask? Because it has its own touch to it. AMB

A few weeks ago I went to Disney World with my uncle, it was soooooo fun we stayed in the Art of Animation resort.One day I woke up at 5:00 and couldn’t go to sleep so my uncle took me to the arcade while we ate donuts, thats something my mom wouldn’t do she would say I should just sit in bed which is so boring, am I right? My favorite park was Magic Kingdom, sadly we didn’t get to go inside the castle, but every night we would swim in the pool.  AD

Monday’s Slices

Painfully as I walked in to the bathroom I knew It was gong to hurt.When I felt my tooth, it felt weird my mom was talking on the phone and I didn’t want to bother her so I took a little towel and I wiggled and jiggled my tooth. I pushed and pushed. It did not come out until I asked my mom she said, “Let’s go!” “NOOOO!” “PLEASE NO MOM IT HURTS” ” No it doesn’t”
As I walked again in the bathroom with my mom she took some floss and tightened it on my tooth. “NOO MOM IT’S GOING TO HURT” I screamed gently. “WAIT” My mom said As I held my breath I counted…1,2,3,4,5, PULL! As I felt nothing but pain my mom had my tooth on a thing that looks like paper. STAY TUNED FOR TOMORROW’S SLICE.  PFP

Wow! Slice Of Life is over in 4 days…it didn’t even feel like a month, it went by so quick!  EG

I stayed home today because I felt sick. I have cramps, and I’m tired. I am watching TV all day and my dad also stayed home because he has a doctor appointment.  AR

This coming Wednesday my grandma and grandpa are coming to the NJ not just to visit my mom and I but because they’re moving to the NJ. They will be about 8 minutes from my house which is so exciting because when my mom goes somewhere they can watch me while my mom is gone. I also love my grandma’s special meatloaf and her special spaghetti & meatballs. AD

Belief is the key that unlocks your entire world. Imagine if nobody believed in anything. We would have no buildings, no holidays nothing. People wouldn’t even have jobs. In order to succeed in anything you have to believe you can before you do anything. Believing you can do anything is the most important step in every plan. When belief swirls around you it will inspire you and others all around you to do anything they put their mind to.    AP

I cant believe Slice of Life is almost over it felt like we were doing it since last week. AMB

The tiger.  A majestic animal.  Seen as dangerous, but just trying to survive.  That was the case with all of those people who wanted to keep things separated.  The unfair treatment that drove the segregates to attack.  You see, the tiger was just killing the goats on the farm for the importance of survival.  Hatred can do a lot of things.  It can spark protests and change, but can also make hate appear in powerful bursts.    SP

Spring flowers are blooming and colors are not white, but vivid and bright.  Grass is not brown, but green.  The sun is more present now, and shadows are following you.  Spring break gives you fresh lemonade and temperatures are higher.  The sky is blue and visible.  Cold rain hits the ground and rainbows appear.  Rainbows that the children wait for.   SL

I cannot believe that we only have one more week of the Slice of Life Challenge. I felt like only two weeks. Slicing is really fun and I love commenting on other kid’s slices. I hope we could do this for the rest of the year!!!:)-VC


Weekend Slices :)

My Teacher
Mrs. Abbey is such a wonderful teacher. I’m so lucky to have her. I’ve noticed that she makes time stop. I don’t know if she is doing that on purpose, but it is such a great power to have. With Mrs. Abbey, I feel like middle school will never come, even though it will. There are a million things ahead of me, but during those hard times, I will try to think about one of Mrs. Abbey’s many inspiring words: “Words are valuable.” “Don’t spread rumors or gossip about so-and-so.” And there is so much more. (I also have to thank her for introducing me to The Classroom Slice of Life Challenge!)     SP

There was a vacation when my family went to Maine.  Our tent was blue and we were camping.  We set up a fire every night.  There was a woodpecker on the tree and my dad took a picture of it.  Our “microwave” was a pot with boiling water on top of a burner, crumpled foil into balls and put them in the pot and food on the foil.  I was so confused as to how this worked.  There was a shower house that was coin operated.  It was eight quarters per four minutes.       SL

Stars are amazing. They shine the brightest in the darkest of nights. When they are grouped together they make beautiful constellations. Stars remind me of people, when friends are together they are able to make beautiful things that one can’t do alone. Stars used to guide sailors through dark nights to their destination. Somebody told me to follow the stars like sailors to find your destination. Stars usually represent happiness and hope. When you see stars represent going after dreams and loving the world and people. So let stars guide you through the darkest nights and toughest times to your destiny.    AP

Aubrey watched the smoke rise.

“Mom?!”  She screamed into the golden flames, killing and rising.

Lady Dane, her dog, was now covered in soot, all of her pearl white fur nonexistent.
The day had started perfectly.   Aubrey had been walking out the door to start on the two-day travel to The Stellar Academy, the most prestigious college in the land.  Her mother had given her all kinds of good luck charms, and endless hugs and kisses.  Then the shouting started.  The smoky smell.  And her mother running out with buckets of water.    

Lady Dane yipped.  Aubrey called again.  This time, the fire seemed to near, as if it was a wall trying to block Aubrey’s pleas.   Then the ground shook.  Aubrey shrieked, then fell over, clutching Lady Dane and her box of belongings.        

                                                                              .    .    .

When she woke up, Aubrey could not move.  The sky was hazy.  She choked on the remains of smoke.  As she staggered to get up, Aubrey wondered, “Where is everyone?” ~SP





Fabulous Friday Slices!

My violin is a special object to me.  I play the violin because it’s so relaxing to listen to.  On March 22, 2017, I played in a concert with high schoolers and middle schoolers.  Whenever I poised the bow on one of the strings, I would panic because I thought I would make a big mistake in front of the audience.  My principal was there and so were other parents and teachers.  I didn’t want to be embarrassed.  Each song forced heat onto my forehead.  My fingers were sweating and trembled before each song.  I actually did a good job, and that’s something to be proud of!    ~SL

Today we started to watch a movie on Tuck Everlasting. We had two options.We could watch the Because of Winn-Dixie movie or the Tuck Everlasting movie. Since I have already read the book, Because of Winn-Dixie, I decided to watch Tuck Everlasting. So far, the movie is really interesting and I wonder what will happen next. Some parts are really creepy and weird. I hope the rest of the movie is intriguing.-VC

The Only Wish

It seemed like the darkness was eternal, so humankind had only one wish. For the light to come back. All the Elements were long gone, the magic had just disappeared. Where it was didn’t matter anymore. Only freedom was wanted now.

The Moon would try, but the Sun did not want to give its powers to the people. They used to own it, but they had become greedy. So their powers were taken away.

The people begged and pleaded, but it would not work. They refused to accept it, and The War began. The people hurled a Timeless Stone at the Sun to erase the memory of taking away the people’s power, but they missed. The Moon was angry. She warned the people that the Sun had his own ways, and he was stubborn. But no one listened.

Eventually, the Sun saw that there was no way to ignore this. He said that he and the Moon would take turns. And that is why we have night and day.
~ SP

As I got to my class I knew it would be the best day. First I unpacked then I did my morning work when I was done the teacher said we had to get our jacket’s to leave to the bus oh and we were going to the art gallery show ok lets get back on what I was saying when I got on the bus everyone was shouting and laughing. When we got inside the high school I could see painting and more things when the teacher gave us a paper then she was handing the pencil’s but the problem was that the pencils were not sharpened then I saw two of my art works and I saw MORE art works and then it was time to leave. I had a great fun day and I hope I go again. STAY TUNED FOR MONDAY’S SLICE.  ~PFP

My dad has a Mens retreat at our church this weekend so It’s just my mom, brothers and me. Tomorrow night they have a big party and everyone is invited so I can go with my family and see my friends and other adults I know.   ~AR

Art, Music, Poetry and a Birthday Slicer!

Today is my birthday and I turned 11! I got up at 6:00 just for my birthday, my mom got me this cool race car track thing called Anki Overdrive. In the the game you have a car and you have to try and use your power ups to slow the other person down.   AD

My class and I had a field trip to the art gallery. It was really fun looking at the art and a lot of the art was amazing, even mine was there!  EG

Today, my dad and I went to the car wash.  He set the car to neutral and the car moved slowly.   We went through the strips of soft cloth and it was like a bunch of octopuses on our car.  I heard the loud roaring noises of the motors in the machines.  Somehow, I managed to smell soap inside of the car.  The soap was bubbly white and was washed off by something that looked like an upside down sprinkler.  When the water was sprayed on our car, it looked like it was raining really hard.  Last was the giant blowers that made the water disappear.  Then, our car was like brand new.     SL

 The Happier Times

Those were the times, the happier times, when everything was alright.

But a seed was planted.

    It grew into a poisonous plant.

Those were the times, the happier times, when everything was alright.

The plant grew into a million directions, here and there. One part was cut, but it grew into another. Then the problems that it carried ruined it all.

Those were the times, the happier times, when everything was alright.

It started small. Then it grew. It set the tracks in a different place, and the train could not choose whether to take the time to build the original path again, or just lead itself into a strange place. New things are good to try, but not this.

 Not this.

Those were the times, the happier times, when everything was alright. But that was then. This is now.

   And the poisonous plant continues to grow.

Sitting on the edge of my chair. I can see my parents in the crowd. I was leading the entire cello section, I was so nervous. i get nervous very often, it is up there with my top three emotions along with happiness and joy. Being nervous is like an emotional rollercoaster. Being nervous is like the giant downhill but you always end up happy at the end. Being nervous and excited always go together. I hope I learn to never be nervous when given the opportunity to do something amazing. Being nervous doesn’t mean that you are completely out of your mind, going to throw up scared. It just means that something exciting has happened. I am usually always nervous when something important is happening to me. If I was not nervous then I would be missing part of the experience. I get nervous before all the big moments. It would not be the same without it.     AP

Today we had a field trip to the high school art gallery and my art was featured. It was awesome, and I saw some artwork from others schools. One artwork was a fruit with an illusion it was so cool. AMB

Today I went to the art show. We had to go to the high school. I saw many cool paintings and sculptures by kids. I also saw other kids from different schools. There were high schoolers, middle schoolers and elementary students. I really liked the artwork!-VC


Midweek Slices :)

Brrrr, today was so cold my face and hands were red. This is for sure not spring weather I said to myself. It’s like it’s winter starting allover again, but I’m hearing soon this week the weather will be better…hopefully it will feel like spring.  EG

What does family mean? Family means when every person that is next to you loves you that supports you. Family is when every friend of yours loves you like a sister or brother. People that hate you and don’t love are not your family they are enemies. Like I always tell myself “SHAKE THEM OFF”. The people that you love you will risk your life for them. PFP

Outside, there is wind that knocks you down.  It blows papers out of your hand.  The wind makes your hair blow everywhere and blows in your face.  It sweeps your feelings away, forcing you to focus on balancing with two feet.  It gives you goosebumps as it brings a cold, shivering wind on your arms.  The roar in your ear gets loud and the trees sway.  It makes sure that you didn’t feel the same way as you did inside a warm building.  The force is strong, like a big magnet, but wind.   SL

In May my brother has his communion, My older brother has his confirmation, but that is pretty much it. When I think about it, there are not a lot of things going on in May mostly JUNE.   AR

Monday 3/20/17, was the first day of spring. Spring is really special to me. There are a lot of birthday parties that I could attend and a lot of other fun activities to do. I could finally go outdoors and play sports. The trees and flowers look so beautiful. I love spring.-VC

This summer my family and I might go to Washington DC. I am super excited! I really want to go to the black history museum to see the cool things.  AMB

I was asked a question, that was too hard to answer for me. The question was, “If a nuclear bomb was about to explode all over the world, and you had the ultimate power of transporting yourself to a safe place far away, (like the moon) and you had to bring only one object and one person, who and what would you bring?”

When Aditya asked me this question, I answered my sewing kit as the object, and thought hard about the person. Who would it possibly be? There are ten people in my family, and I didn’t know who to choose, because I love them all. So I said, ” The person who gave me this power,”

Aditya commented, “He lead a sad life and now he’s dead.” I rolled my eyes. Boys. But the question will always linger in my thoughts, and remind me that no matter what, there is no force strong enough to kill the strong connection of love between my family and me.   SP

Our Thoughts on a Tuesday…

     Do ever wonder what life holds in store for you?  Well, if you said college and a job you are wrong.  Let me tell you the answer.
     Life is what you make it.  And that’s the truth.  It will never change.  Your destiny has not been decided for you.  And that’s that.  Let’s say, instead of the person you are now, in your cozy little home, small or large, with really almost everything you want is what you get.  That’s you.
     But what if you were born as an African-American slave during the Civil War?  And you wanted to escape to the North?  Would you have?  Are you brave enough?  Can you do it?  That was entirely your decision.  You could have stayed a slave, and waited for the end of the war.  Or the North could have welcomed you.  Or you did run away, but you were caught.
     But that was because of the decisions you made.  The point is, today we are less likely to have done something amazing than we were then.  There aren’t many challenges.  We think that our paths are ready to go, but they aren’t.  We need to carve it out.
     When I was young, I would go around saying I wanted to be a princess when I grew up.  But I’m starting to dig myself another path.  The path that, leads.  To where?  That is going on, carving the path to somewhere, every single day of a person’s short life.  We only live once.
                                                                                 Why not die satisfied?
                                                                                                 ~ SP   

 April 5 is a special day for me and my best friend Em because it is going to be her birthday. I have a lot of good things planned that is going to take place at school.  AMB

Today, at math, our teacher gave us some PARCC practice on Prodigy. I really like Prodigy as it has math and a game in it. I also really like math so it is a lot more interesting. It is our homework so we have to do it which I like. Prodigy is one of my favorite games!VC

Colors are everywhere in life. They surround and wrap us tight in their loving arms. Colors shape our emotions, our thoughts and are there in every day life. I was sitting out on my cousin’s porch watching the beautiful spring day. She has a garden, and I love seeing the pretty flowers out n the yard. Just in that one area the color was busting out loud. From the purple lilacs, to the crystal blue sky. The fresh cut green grass and the red and pink roses.Color was every where. Color tells us everything about something. Color represents mood, or traits. Take blue for example, different people take it for different things. To some people blue represents sadness and feeling drowsy. To me blue is a color of happiness and joy, it seems to yell out, but can still blend in with the crowd. For some people red is lucky or can represent anger. I love color because it brightens up everything in the world. Color wakes up the world and keeps you present. Let color spread and create emotions and feelings. Color is one of the greatest things in the world, every time you add color to anything it’s like coloring the beautiful world we live in. After being surrounded by color all your life, your soul gets shaped into the wonderful colors that we see today.     AP

So about a minute ago my mom,dog,sister and I got home. We saw the person to fix the light from my living room because it got damaged so we had to have a lamp but now the man’s here as I said early I’m so excited because now the power is not going to go off and when my sister and I leave to the bus stop I just have to walk to the door and turn it off on the left, instead of me going to the lamp and turning it off. And now the man that is doing the outside of my house is finished with the front and it looks SO adorable.  PFP

One of my hobbies is drawing.  There are so many things to draw.  All you need is something to draw on and a pencil or pen.  Sit outside and try to sketch your surroundings.  Draw a portrait of someone.  You can draw a make believe person or a make believe place.  It makes me feel calm and relaxed.  It is inspiration for others.  It’s also how you think, expressed into art.  It is vision on paper.   SL

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue,
My birthday is almost here (yay)…
Roses are red Violets are Blue,
Flowers are blooming..spring is here!   EG

When I was little I wanted to be a scuba diver.My dream changed throughout my life.  AD

In June there are so many things going on. For example, Wedding, Hershey trip, stepping stones, my brothers stepping stones. Too many things to keep track of! And I almost forgot…my dance recital.    AR

So my friend came over and my made a clay charm kit came so we made some and she made 2 gumball machines, 1 cupcake and I made 1 cupcake, a lollypop and a donut. so I’m going to try to make a lot more!  JL